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  • Kelley, Manager of Volunteer Services

    "Food is such a basic need yet so many in our community don't have access to hot healthy meals. The team at MOW Boulder works passionately to ensure our clients have meals made with love and care. The essential acts of kindness performed daily by our staff and volunteers are inspirational."

  • Carol, a client

    “MOW and the drivers saved my life during COVID. We were so isolated and (my daughter) had cancer and the drivers kept me connected to the outside world.”

  • Martha, a client

    “Thank you and all the staff. I couldn't stay in my home if it weren't for MOW! And my home is my life! Bless you all!”

  • Katie, daughter of a client

    “I cannot thank you enough for this amazing service you provide. Having Meals on Wheels delivery lunch to my mom for the past year and a half has been tremendously helpful.  Thank you 🙏. ”

  • Rose, a client

    "Thank you for being there and for caring. You're saving my life."

  • Richard, a donor

    "I donate to Meals on Wheel of Boulder because my mom received Meals on Wheels for several years. The people who work and deliver for Meals on Wheels are angels, just very beautiful people."

  • Woodbourne Capital Management

    "Supporting Meals on Wheels has further opened our eyes to the importance of giving back to our community.  Together with the wonderful MOW team, we have provided warm meals, brief social interactions, and safety check-ins for those in need.  This experience has also given us the opportunity to bond as a team for a great cause – a truly invaluable experience.  We appreciate everything that MOW does and look forward to a lasting and rewarding partnership, one in which we can continue to interact with like-minded people all working extremely hard to make a positive impact on others’ lives."

  • A client story

    One client said she "feels loved with every meal that is delivered." She also thought maybe she could help pay a little more for people who might not be able to afford the meals. Her income is low enough that she only pays a dollar herself,  but she wants to help others with a greater need.

  • Ginger, KBCO Retired Host and volunteer

    "Meals on Wheels is an organization that has been dear to my heart ever since I arranged for meals to be delivered to my mom a few years ago.  The nutritional value of the meals and the wellbeing check-in allowed her to stay in her home for many more years."

  • John, a volunteer driver story

    "I began volunteering for MOW in 1994 and my 1st route was at the Presbyterian Manor. Since it was just down the block  and walkable from the Senior Center I called my route Meals on Heels. On my route was Florence, and we began a friendship that lasted for years, until she moved away with her family to Sedona, where she passed at 98 yrs. of age. I would finish my deliveries and head up to her apartment where we would chat for an hour or more. She had such vibrancy, humor, amazing stories and I just loved her company. I will be forever grateful to MOW for bringing Florence into my life.

    I haven’t had that kind of friendship with any client since, but I have met some wonderful people over the years, and if they are willing to open up about their lives, I am glad to listen. If you can open up a dialogue you will be better off for it. Being a MOW volunteer makes me feel good because it is a great organization making a Big difference."

  • Pam, a Board Member

    "I choose to be a board member because I believe in the vision Francea has put forth, and I wish to be a part of helping create that future for Meals on Wheels."

  • Lehshel, Client Services

    "I feel privileged and very happy to be part of the Client Services team, to work with the amazing community of clients, volunteers, staff and supporters in what truly feels like a giant MOWB family. Every single day I am reminded of how our meals and the social connection available to clients have a (sometimes profoundly) positive impact in our clients lives. I’m also honored and touched deeply by the personal stories shared and gratitude expressed regularly by clients or their loved ones."

  • Barbara, a donor

    "I donate to Meals on Wheels of Boulder because they provide a service needed by aging people who need assistance while remaining in their homes. My parents had Meals on Wheels for a year or so before they had to move to assisted living."

  • A Client Services Story

    The driver told us one of their clients thought he might not be eating enough, so we called him. He's in a dire health (brain injury) and financial state, and he was in tears because of money. He definitely needed more food. We lowered his meal price to $.25 and increased his meals to two per day. He cried with gratitude and thanked us for everything, everyone, the great food, cards, flowers, gifts... I had tears myself…this is why we do what we do!!

  • Ken, a client

    "The love and attention that goes into each meal is wonderful."

  • Kevin, a Project Homecoming story

    Kevin's Mom signed him up for PHC because of his shoulder surgery. She continued to get meals for him for the month of January. She said he is a real foodie and several times he sent her photos of the food as he was so impressed with the meals. He said they were fabulous. She said our service was a godsend and she felt that she was able to help him with his recovery this way, as she is in North Carolina and not able to be here for him. She said she gives us an A+ on the food, the menu, and the service. She loved the fact that it's not a one-time deal if he does need to have more surgery in the future.

  • Susan, Project Homecoming client and donor

    "You guys are wonderful! I've been donating to MOW for years and now you're helping me. It's a great service that you do!”

  • Mary, a client

    "I wish I could pay more.  These meals are worth ten times more than what I can afford."

  • Rita, Project Homecoming client

    "It [Project Homecoming] is by far, the best thing I've done for my recovery. You can't imagine how much help it has been and what a difference it's made."

  • Elena, a client

    "I am very appreciative of MOW including how the chefs cook for my many restrictions. You're extended family!"

  • John, Eat Well Café customer

    "This was the best meal we've ever had from the West Senior Center! In fact, those ribs were better than the ribs you can find in most restaurants.”

  • A client

    "Your meals keep me alive. I really mean that! I am very grateful to all of MOW staff and volunteers."

  • Victoria, a donor

    "I donate to Meals on Wheels of Boulder because I believe this is a very much needed service and I want to honor it."

  • A client

    "My spouse has a serious cancer illness, a compromised immune system, and has had several recent surgeries. The days MOW comes are a big physical and emotional relief for me...rather like a vacation day!"

  • Tina, a donor

    "I give to Meals on Wheels of Boulder because I want to help and do good in my local community through an organization I trust."

  • Tom W., a Board Member

    "I am a Meals on Wheels Board of Directors member because I saw the great work that MOW did helping my mother-in-law during the last years of her 103 year life. She was able to 'age in place' until she died. I like being part of an organization that brings a needed service to so many people, with a smile and a personal touch."

  • Sara, Manager of The Eat Well Café

    "I love making people happy. It’s been a joy to work at the café and seeing many regulars coming in and hearing they love the food and the atmosphere. I also enjoy putting my creative touches on the café and being able to welcome new people as well."

  • John Tayer, President & CEO of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce

    “I remember the comfort that Meals on Wheels provided to our family, knowing that we could safely focus on our work and businesses needs during the day with the knowledge that my father-in-law had a daily visitor and nutritious meal.”

  • Janean, Client Services

    "It’s important to me that our community members wanting to stay in their homes are able to do so. Providing meals for our community in need allows those individuals to keep some independence and remain supported at home. I’ve always loved helping people and this is a perfect environment to do that."

  • Donna, a donor

    "Because of Meals on Wheels of Boulder and some of the other help she received, my mom was able to be in her own home until her final illness. To all the wonderful Meals on Wheels of Boulder volunteers - you are the face and life blood of the organization - it could not be done without you. Thank you for your time, the use of your vehicle, and paying for gas and maintenance to serve others. Mom so often commented on the kindness of those delivering her meals. The work that all the staff and volunteers performs has a huge, direct and positive impact on people's lives. Thank you all so much."

  • Shoshana, Development and Marketing Manager

    "I was delighted to accept a position at Meals on Wheels of Boulder last September 2021. Every day I get to make a difference for my community. Raising money and promoting awareness for an amazing organization with a super worthy mission is a joy."

  • Rita, Project Homecoming client

    "Signing up for Project Homecoming is by far the best thing I've done for my recovery. You can't imagine how much help it has been and what a difference it's made."

  • Jackie, a client

    "I cannot drive, and I am vision impaired now also. Meals on Wheels of Boulder is a real life saver for me and for my children."

  • Paula, a client

    "I am so thankful for Meals on Wheels of Boulder. I am in a wheelchair and have trouble functioning. I would not be as healthy as I am without Meals on Wheels of Boulder."

  • Christine, a volunteer

    "I have been volunteering for MOW Boulder for a few months. The care that goes into providing the meals for clients; from kitchen to delivery, is why I have grown to love my volunteer hours. The MOW Boulder team is positive, happy and always quick with kind words of  'thank you!'"

  • Nancy, a client

    "The meals are wonderful. I don't cook anymore, I can't. They're keeping me alive."

  • Sovrn – Boulder OfficeSovrn - volunteers and sponsors

    "Sovrn has been working with meals on wheels for 3+ years now. For me, every time I am able to deliver for MOW, each interaction I have had with the people on our route has been a wonderful opportunity to make a connection, make a person smile, and make a friend with someone who may need just that. Even through the pandemic, we smiled through our masks and waved through windows and enjoyed each opportunity to connect. Meals on Wheels is about nutrition and sustenance, yes, but it is also about checking in and hopefully bringing a moment of joy to the day to go along with a meal, with each delivery we complete. We love that Meals on Wheels gives us the chance to connect with our community in that way."


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