Plate It Forward Summer Challenge

June 24 – August 24

$10 per plate | Goal is 3,000 plates! 

This summer, you can support Meals on Wheels of Boulder, a year-round non-profit, by plating it forward. Your gifts add up to more hot and nourishing meals delivered in the summer to your Boulder neighbors in need.

We are also having a photo contest! 

  • Fill in the # of plates donated on the front of your postcard, or grab a plate and attach a note that says: I plated   #    meals for Meals on Wheels of Boulder. You can get creative!
  • Take a selfie photo with your plate total.
  • Post your pic to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Threads, LinkedIn, Twitter) and type the hashtag #plateitforwardboulder in the text of your post.
  • Most unique photo wins accolades: mentions on our website and social media, your photo in the Daily Camera, and more.
  • Suggestions for creativity: Colorful and fun plates, unique locations, group “platter” photos, extra fun objects in the photo…

I want to plate it forward!

816 Plates have been forwarded! (7.17.24 9:06 am)