Meals & Menus

Meal Delivery

We deliver fresh and nutritious meals for Boulder residents regardless of age or income.  Meals are delivered five days a week with options for weekend meals.

Good nutrition and a daily well check from our volunteer delivery driver help maintain health and fosters continued independent living.

Project Homecoming

Meals on Wheels of Boulder supports you on your road to recovery.  Project Homecoming will provide you 5 free meals following a recent stay in the hospital or rehabilitation facility.  No strings attached!


Try our wholesome ready-to-bake quiches made right here at Meals on Wheels of Boulder. They are packed with hearty ingredients and feature fresher taste & better texture than pre-cooked quiches. All 8 great varieties are handcrafted, and then flash frozen to maintain quality.

100% of the proceeds benefit Meals on Wheels of Boulder.