Legacy Society

Meals on Wheels of Boulder
Legacy Society

Leave your legacy by joining the Meals on Wheels of Boulder Legacy Society. 

Your legacy gift is a donation made to Meals on Wheels of Boulder to ensure our mission will continue long into the future and beyond.

Legacy gifts can have the potential to supply Meals on Wheels of Boulder with meaningful funds for years to come while honoring you and your legacy, a gift you are bestowing to our community. 

How do I participate?

There are many ways you can leave a legacy gift to Meals on Wheels of Boulder:

  • Make a gift in your will or trust.
  • Designate Meals on Wheels of Boulder as a beneficiary by a specific amount or percentage of your retirement account, life insurance policy, annuity or pension.
  • Make a gift through a charitable trust or family foundation.
  • Donate real estate or appreciated stock to Meals on Wheels of Boulder.
  • Gift Meals on Wheels of Boulder through a Charitable Gift Annuity or Remainder Trust.

What steps do I take?

  1. Decide on how you would like to leave your legacy gift.
  2. Complete the Intent Form.
  3. Make an appointment with your attorney, estate planner, financial advisor, or other allied professional to discuss options.
  4. Contact us to discuss the finalization of your gift.
  5. Join our Legacy Society to be recognized for your legacy gift.

What difference will I make?

A legacy lasts forever and will:

  • Ensure Meals on Wheels of Boulder’s mission continues for future generations.
  • Bring future support to the Boulder community, a value which you cherish.
  • Convey your commitment to helping your neighbors and your community.
  • Serve as an example to others to also leave a legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Isn’t a legacy gift something I should consider doing later in life?

It is never too early to establish a legacy. More and more people are taking action much earlier to ensure their assets are distributed according to their values.

  1. What if my circumstances change?

You may change or revoke your gift at any time as circumstances change. We do ask that you keep us informed of these changes.

  1. Are there any tax benefits from making a legacy gift?

You will need to consult an advisor for full information. Most of the time if your estate is subject to estate tax, a legacy gift to Meals on Wheels of Boulder may entitle your estate to an estate tax charitable deduction for the amount donated and reduces the amount of tax your estate must pay. There may also be tax benefits if your legacy gift is from your retirement plan or IRA. Please consult with your advisor on these various options.

Please Join These Legacy Society Members

Dorothy M. Cruthers, Judith S. Gillen, James B. Gould, Gracia Hibbard, Bernice B. Holic, Betty Janule, Dr. David M. Kerns, Robert A. Kerson, Harold Lang, J.P. LaSalle, Gerald D. Mordhorst, Althea M. Partch, Janice M. Richardson, Sally C. Sandoe, Nancy Jane Blewett Tyler, Helen Bernice Udick