Todd Fidler

Kitchen Manager

Todd Fidler has been our Kitchen Manager since 2002. But he’s been cooking for people since he was a young teenager! A fourth generation Boulderite, Todd started cooking in Boulder, went to school for a different career, and then returned immediately to cooking. He says some of his best learning came from a chef who trained him: His mentor would mix 4 spices in a dish and have Todd close his eyes and guess the spices by smelling them. If he couldn’t figure it out, Todd had to taste what was in the dish, and guess again. We’re glad Todd uses his well-honed sense of flavor balance, taste and smell as he daily creates dishes to serve to our clients and Cafe Classico customers. Starting each workday at 6 a.m., Todd says, “I like that my job makes an impact on our community. More people live better lives, and live at home for longer. That matters.” He realizes good nutrition, camaraderie and a chance to connect with other people are so important, and he is glad to use his talent to benefit our community. When he’s not cooking, you’ll find Todd fly fishing, hunting or panning for gold.