Lehshel Pond

Client Services

Lehshel  Pond is part of our Client Services team. She was born and raised in Illinois, she lived on Kauai for several years and moved to Louisville in 2002. Before joining the Meals on Wheels of Boulder staff, Lehshel spent many years in the restaurant industry, was a massage therapist and instructor, a yoga teacher and a full time mother (which is still her favorite role). Lehshel enjoys being creative and thrives in nature, the arts and community. She is inspired by people as spiritual and human beings and celebrates our unity as well as our diversity. Lehshel has a personal commitment to being of service and volunteering. On a daily basis, she recognizes the immeasurable value and service provided by MOWB. She is honored and very grateful to be part of the MOW family/community of amazing clients, volunteers, friends, supporters and staff. If you see Lehshel, she’s always happy to share a smile, hug or hello.