No Dinner Dinner – No Party Party!

The No Dinner Dinner Non-Event is back! 

This year, we invite you NOT to attend the NO Dinner Dinner, NO Party Party. We are celebrating our 55th Anniversary this year too! 

Although this is a light hearted non-event, the need is very serious. Your continuing support is so necessary and greatly appreciated as we grow to meet the increasing need for our services here in Boulder.

Your 100% tax deductible donation (non-ticket purchase to this non-event) will remain right here in Boulder. It will help Meals on Wheels of Boulder continue to deliver fresh, tasty meals to our Boulder neighbors who need them.

NO Rubber Chicken NO Auctions NO Speakers NO Raffles

Your Non-Dinner, Non-Party Menu Choices:

* Appetizers – Ticket
* Buffet – Ticket
* Classic Meal – Ticket
* Signature Meal Ticket
*Add Dessert/Coffee/Tea – $25 Additional

Click to get your non-tickets here!