Our Fundraiser to a Tee!

Guess what? We now have a super t-shirt that will provide meals with each purchase! Now through October 16th, you can purchase your very own new Meals on Wheels of Boulder t-shirt. Each shirt purchased will add up to more meals. We thank you in advance for purchasing a shirt and showing off your support for Meals on Wheels of Boulder!

Back in July we had a slogan contest to find the best slogan for our t-shirt.  After voting on the top three slogans: “Keeping it Meals in Boulder”, “What the fork?! People need meals!”, and “Hot Meals! Cool People!” the winner was clearly “Hot Meals! Cool People!” Annette W., one of our kitchen volunteers, came up with this slogan. She will be receiving a free t-shirt as her prize.

Once we had the slogan, we asked our talented graphic designer and board member, Caroline, to come up with an eye-catching design. After many rounds, we think you will really like the final design.

Our shirt is 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. We are sure you will find one you will want to call your own.

Thank you for being a part of this fundraiser through your participation of supplying a slogan for the contest, voting on the top 3 slogans, and purchasing one of these snazzy t-shirts. We can’t wait to see you modeling off your choice of color!

With thanks,
The Mow Boulder Team 😀