Volunteer Interview: Jacqui Davie

Meals on Wheels of Boulder volunteer driver Jacqui Davie has been driving the same route for three years. She calls herself a “volunteer person,” and says“I’m a connection person. I like to have a direction connection with people and get to know clients.” After moving to Boulder several years ago, Jacqui decided to get involved with Meals on Wheels of Boulder because she had family in other parts of the country enrolled in a Meals on Wheels program. She enjoys the connection she feels to the clients on her route and says she “look[s] forward to seeing them.”  

Jacqui has continued volunteering for Meals on Wheels of Boulder during the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask and leaving deliveries at the door to practice social distancing. Volunteering through this difficult time is important to her because she knows that with COVID, connection is more important now than ever. Most clients are compromised or older. Sometimes, we are the only people they see. It is so important that they have contact.”  

In Jacqui’s opinion, one of the hardest parts about volunteering for Meals on Wheels of Boulder is “know[ing that] some of these people are suffering and [you] really want to do more, but you can feel helpless.” She counters this feeling by going the extra mile to help her Boulder neighbors and knows that “small gestures can make a big impact. Just an added few minutes having a conversation, bringing a favorite snack on a bad day, just lending an ear can make a massive difference.” Jacqui understands that delivering meals is only part of Meals on Wheels of Boulder’s mission: caring for and supporting our community is equally important. As one of our outstanding volunteers, Jacqui has seen first person that “Meals on Wheels isn’t just about delivering meals. It is about relationships, connection, and caring for our neighbors and community.”  

We’d like to say a big thank you to Jacqui and all of our other outstanding volunteers who keep our wheels rolling!