Volunteer Spotlight: Mike and Becky Fellows

Mike and Becky Fellows are longtime valued volunteers.
Mike is a retired environmental engineer, and Becky is a retired registered nurse. Mike served as an army officer for 26 years, from Vietnam to the first Gulf War, so they moved 14 times before settling in Boulder.
Becky started volunteering in the late 90’s in Cafe Classico and then began packing and delivering meals to clients along with Mike.
As a retired registered nurse, Becky was immediately drawn to Project Homecoming. Project Homecoming is a Meals on Wheels Boulder program that provides 5 free meals to anyone coming home from the hospital or rehab. No strings attached.
“I thought it was really necessary. Took a stress off people. If you go to the hospital suddenly, then you call friends for meals unless you have family close by. There are a lot of elderly on their own though so this is so important.”
When Becky became ill herself, she also signed up for Project Homecoming to help her on her road to recovery.
Mike and Becky now enjoy delivering meals together on occasion.
“Some come to the door and are happy to chat. One woman whose husband had recently passed, asks Mike to open jars” says Becky.
Mike and Becky like checking up on her to make sure she is doing well. This kind of daily check in is invaluable for these vulnerable clients.
Thank you Mike and Becky for your longtime support. You both make such a difference in our community.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Brenda at 303.441.4003 or email brenda@mowboulder.org
Need more information on Project Homecoming or ready to enroll? Please click here.